Hi, I’m Kate. Welcome to The Average Rose, a recipe blog celebrating healthy whole foods.

This blog is for average people who can’t cook professionally like michelin chefs, but aim to bloom uniquely like the Little Prince’s one and only Rose. With healthy whole foods, you can also shine beautifully inside and out!

A little bit about my journey to this blog…

I’m an average girl, a Canadian Taiwanese, born and raised in Taipei, with no record of living in British Columbia being its resident. I have been raised by typical Asian parents, who expect you to get a fancy degree, and find a nice job. However, I am also the kind that not only thinks from mother earth to neptune, but also routing the 4.4 billion km of how to get there.

The fact that Lacan proposed a theory of the mirror stage (about developing self-identity )makes me doubt that there were no mirror in my house back when I was 6 to 18 months old. My mom put me into piano lessons, violin lessons, tennis, table tennis, ballet, figure skating…, but so far as I’ve realised, I’m no expert in any of them, and I’m still not exactly sure where I should be.

I didn’t know until recently that my passion for food is beyond all other average girls’ midnight cravings. I’m grateful for food, and would only waste calories on good food and good people.  I appreciate every amazing culinary experience I had, and always feel bad about taking the first bite only because it somehow destroys the art.

Then, I tossed in bed from one pillow to another, clockwise to anti-clockwise and finally sorted out the puzzles in my head. I want to combine two of my passions, eating & writing / food & art, and create whole food recipes that fulfill my life stories. So here I am, to fulfill yours too.